Fairview Fire Litigation

On September 6, the Fairview Fire started in the vicinity of Hemet, CA, a desert community located approximately 80 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The blaze broke out during a heat wave that saw temperatures soaring to triple digits and severe drought conditions prevailing.

As the fire engulfed multiple neighborhoods, at least seven structures were destroyed and several others suffered significant damage. Tragically, two individuals were discovered deceased in a vehicle, while another person sustained severe burn injuries and was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Although the precise cause of the fire is still being investigated, Southern California Edison (SCE) informed the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that there was some “circuit activity” near the time the fire was reported.

Talk to a Fairview Fire Attorney at Adler Law Group

If you or someone you care about has been impacted by the Fairview Fire in Hemet, CA, a skilled Southern California fire lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you need to recover from this devastating event and move forward with your life.

Adler Law Group’s lawyers specializing in the Fairview fire can help you secure the highest possible compensation you are entitled to, irrespective of whether you have insurance or not.

Compensation for Fairview Fire damages by SoCal Fire Lawyers

Adler Law Group’s skilled fire attorneys in Southern California can aid you or your loved ones in obtaining the appropriate compensation for losses, injuries, hospitalizations, wrongful deaths, psychological trauma, or long-term health problems caused by the Fairview Fire or other recent wildfires in California.

You could be eligible for Fairview Fire compensation if you have encountered any of the following:

Costly evacuation
Fatality caused by fire/smoke
Admission to hospital
Severe burns
Other critical injuries
Long-term health consequences
Emotional distress
Property/home loss
Structure damage
Harm to animals/pets
Damage to timber/trees
Soil erosion
Loss of vegetation
Landscape destruction
Substantial property damage
Financial loss
Agricultural destruction
Infrastructure damage
Business harm
Interruption to business operations
Smoke harm
Ash and soot damage
Insufficient insurance coverage
Assistance from FEMA
Housing market effects