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The quintessential American dream of owning your own business is more prevalent than ever with the flurry of online businesses and marketplaces around the country. It has become easier than ever to hang up your own shingle and open a business, garnering an online presence, and facilitating traffic to your company. The digital age has ushered in a whole new industry, predicated on the internet and e-commerce. Individual merchants can open their own shop online and exclusively operate out of their own homes.

Adler Law Group understands the complex nature of business relationships and the value of avoiding litigation.   Our attorneys have helped resolved significant business disputes prior to litigation.  That said, our experienced litigators never shy-away from bringing matters before a judge and jury if necessary to achieve a fair and satisfactory result.  We are prepared to assist in all your business needs, whether it be providing advice and guidance in adopting new business procedures and practices, providing counseling for pre-litigation disputes, or litigating through to judgment.

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Our attorneys are also uniquely prepared to represent local businesses against frivolous claims.  The firm’s significant experience in consumer litigation provides us with the unique ability to analyze claims against businesses from multiple perspectives and to anticipate our opponent’s strategies on both sides.  This has enabled us to successfully defend businesses against non-meritorious claims for over a decade.