Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse Lawyers Serving California

The elderly are often most at risk of abuse in nursing homes, hospitals, and other establishments. While we often place the utmost confidence in experienced professionals to care for our elderly loved ones in a manner that we cannot perform at home, it is unfortunately far too common that these establishments and individuals take advantage of the elderly. It is therefore important that those individuals and companies which have engaged in elder abuse be held accountable for their actions.

Elder abuse has run rampant throughout the country. In a one week period, it is typical to see headlines of uncovered elder abuse or individuals charged with elder abuse in multiple cities and states. Unfortunately, in most situations, the abuse has continued for years as it is often targeted against those individuals with diminished capacities.

Physical and Psychological Abuse

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, or another extended care facility, it is important to recognize the signs of both physical and psychological abuse.

Loved ones should pay attention to the following:

  • Changes in demeanor
  • Bruising on the body
  • Sores
  • Changes in financial accounting
  • Unexplained estate planning updates

Unfortunately, any slight changes to loved ones might appear to be caused by a disease the elder might be suffering from, so it may take longer to fully recognize the extent of the injury. It is therefore important to question any change in behavior. Even a slight change in demeanor is worthy of a deeper conversation.


The number of Americans over the age of 60 will soon exceed the number of Americans under 18, representing a shift in population. As the country ages, this will become an increasingly important part of caring for the elderly. We must take actions now to prevent the ongoing elder abuse occurring throughout the country by enforcing laws that prohibit this action and holding individuals accountable who participate in the abuse. This will only happen by pursuing claims against the individuals engaged in elder abuse. Adler Law Group is here to protect the elderly from any form of abuse. Call us today!